June favourites

Hello again everyone!

I hope you’re all well! It’s finally Friday! Celebration time!!!

Today I thought I’d share my June favourites with you all. This is in collaboration with the lovely fourleafmeg, her blog, instagram and youtube are all flawless and she is such a lovely person! You should definitely go check out  her blog as she will also be doing a June favourites.

I hope you enjoy today’s post!

My first Favourite from the month of June was the Zoella beauty creamy madly dreamy body lotion. This has a nice subtle scent (i would say it is a floral based scent) and it moisturises my skin really well. It does feel a bit sticky after I apply it but it does settle in to the skin well after a few minutes. This is the first and only product that I have tried from the zoella beauty range but this has left a good impression on me so I will definitely pick up more products from the range. This was £5 from Superdrug.

Next are the Bourjois healthy mix concealer and foundation. The healthy mix foundation has always been a firm favourite of mine but as I’ve been testing out new makeup I kind of forgot about it for a while, but I started using it again during June and I was reminded of how much i love it! It has decent coverage and has a nice dewy look that makes the skin look healthy! To go along with the foundation I picked up the healthy mix concealer. I only purchased this a few weeks ago but I love it! It is the perfect match for the foundation and has nice coverage. I use both these in the shade ’52’. I believe that the foundation is £9,99 and the concealer is £8.

My next favourite from the month of June has been the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. This is one of my favourite perfumes and I have been wearing it constantly throughout June. I don’t know how to describe the scent but it is amazing! It lasts for quite a while too. I have owned mine for two years now and am finishing what’s left of the bottle. I will definitely re-purchase this when i run out!

 Now I am a bit obsessed with skincare, and I ventured into the higher end region of skincare recently. If you’ve been following me for a while you will now that I am very passionate about skincare and putting clean and healthy products onto my skin (mainly paraben and mineral oil free products) so I decided to try some of the Origins skincare products. I have a really hard time with my skin and struggle to find products that work so I thought I’d try a natural skincare brand to see if my skin would improve. Now there is one product from the brand that I have fallen in love with! It’s the origins modern friction scrub. I apply this onto damp skin and work it in circular motions for about 30 seconds. This stuff is amazing! It gets rid of all the dead skin cellls and leaves.me with super soft skin!! I can’t get enough of this stuff!!

 Onto random favourites… The first random favourite I have is the Love Tanya book by Tanya Burr.  I’m sure most of you know about Tanya, she is an amazing youtuber and she owns her own beauty  line and she released her book a few months ago. I am obsessed with this book! It is so good! Not only do you get to know a bit more about Tanya but there is also some beauty tips in there and also some cooking/baking recipes. I’m just in love!

Now the last thing I’m going to talk about is a song by Lawson. It’s called ‘roads’ and I have been listening to it non stop!! It is amazing!! I don’t tend to listen to Lawson that often but I can’t get enough of this song!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Be sure to check out fourleafmeg‘ post.

Leave a comment of what you’ve been loving during the month of June! I hope you have an amazing weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday!


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