Mid-July favourites

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well!

This is the last post of the week and I thought I’d share my Mid July favourites with you all. I know we’ve kind of passed the mid stage of the month but only by a couple of days so I thought why not just share them with you anywaay, even though if ee are a couple days late!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of July already! Time flies to somewhere? 

Anyway, lets stop rambling and lets begin shall we?

My first mid July favourite has been the Too Faced chocolate bar palette. You will have seen this in many of my posts over the last few weeks, but that is just because I love it so much! It has 16 shades in total and all shades are absolutely beautiful! I have been particularly loving the shades ‘créme Brulee’ and ‘marzipan’. The shades have really long lasting power (i wear them without a primer) and I just can’t get enough of this palette!

My next mid month favourite has been the primark polka perfume ‘white edition’. I already own the original polka perfume and love it and I recently picked up the rollar ball of the white edition. I’m loving it! It has a nice sweet scent (in my opinion anyway) but perfumes smells different on different people. But i do love it!

Another perfume that i’ve been loving is the Marc Jacobs pink honey limited edition perfume. I believe that this is no longer available so i try to save it for more special occassions! But this has such a lovely fruity/sweet scent and i must say that this is my all time favourite perfume! I absolutely adore it!

Moving on from perfumes, I have been loving the Max Factor facefinity primer recently. Although I don’t like the scent  i love the product itself! I find that it makes my makeup last longer and helps keep it in place. All things a primer is meant to do! I love it!

Onto more random favourites… 

The first thing I’ve been loving is this book by Andrea Begley. Andrea won The Voice UK in 2013 and wrote this autobiography a few months later. I purchased this because Andrea is visually impaired (as am i)  so I was very interested to get to know more about her and her life story so far. I haven’t finished the book yet but i am really enjoying reading it. 

Next I’m going to talk about some of the bloggers/youtubers I’v pe been loving recently. 

I have been really enjoying reading fashioneyesta‘ blog recently. Emily is also visually impaired and I find her to be a very inspirational person. She also has a youtube channel which I also adore! Click here to view her  amazing youtube channel! I would definitely recommend you check out her blog and youtube as she is such a kind and sweet person and i love talking with her!

Another blog that I’ve really enjoyed reading this month is beautitude her blog is amazing and i always enjoy reading her posts! Her blog has become one of my favourites to read! Definitely worth a follow!

There is only one youtuber that i’ve been loving watching recently (to be honest i haven’t had much time to watch youtube the past few weeks but i always have time for this person’s videos!) She is Natasha Summer. I always love watching Natasha’s videos as I find them very informative and helpful and i always take something away from her videos. She is also very sweet and i just adore her! She also has a blog which i love, click here to visit her blog! 

Now the last few things I’m gling to mention are songs. I have been really enjoying listening to music recently (i always do but i have seemed to listen to it more often for the past few weeks). I’m just going to list the songs that I’ve been loving! 

Ship to wreck – Florence and the machine

Roads – Lawson

Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran

Are you with me – Lost Frequencies

So there we go for this week everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts!

I hope this mid-July favourites post was of interest to you! Let me know what your current favourites are in the comments. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday. 


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