What’s in my bag? // collab

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is a What’s in my bag post and it is a collab with the lovely  Asprinkleofphoebe I would strongly suggest you go check out her blog as her posts are always amazing and i love reading them! Definitely worth a follow!

So lets get straight into what in my bag shall we?

(Sorry about the lighting in this photo, it doesn’t compliment the colour of the bag that well)

I guess i should tell you where my bag is from right? Well it is a pastel blue bag from primark, it cost me £8 and i got it last year. I think it’s the perfect size and the colour screams summer, wouldn’t you agree? 

The first thing is my purse. This is a grey purse from primark. It was only £3 and i love it!

Next up is my phone. I have the iphone 4s which works fine for me! I take my phone everywhere with me as i use it a lot for accessability. I’m thinking of doing a post on what accessability features are on the iphone for visually impaired people so do let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. 

Then i have my earphones. I just have the standard apple ones. 

Then i have my journal. This one is a recent purchase from paperchase. I’ve been writing in this everyday and it really helps to get things out there. I will only take this with me if i have room in my bag or if i feel the need to take it with me. 

Next up i have a hand sanitizer, i always take this with me as you never know when it will come in handy! I’currently have the Soap&Glory hand maid hand gel in my bag. 

Next up is a compact hairbrush. I think i got this one from Asda for a few pounds. I always carry a hairbush with me incase it’s windy or something when i go somewhere or if my hair has a few knotts in it that need a quick brush. 

Then i have my sunglasses. These are not your typical sunglasses that can be found for a £1, no they have special lenses in them so i can see a bit better when i wear them, as i’m visually impaired i needed these ones (they don’t look like a typical pair of subglasses that a fully sighted person would wear but as long as they protect my eyes from the sun it’s all good!). 

Then i just have a typical lense cleaning wipe just incase i need to clean my glasses or sunglasses. 

Then i just have some gluten free chocolate buttons just incase i need a pick me up during the day!


That’s it for the larger compartment, now lets get into the front pocket. 

In here i tend to carry a few makeup items with me. The first thing i have is a baby lips lip balm by maybelline, this is just the intensive care version. 

Then i have the maybelline fit me powder, i don’t carry this with me all the time but i do throw it in if i have a long day ahead. 

I then have a retractable powder brush. 

Then i carry a rollar ball version of the Nicki Minaj pink friday perfume, i just find this useful if i need a top up of perfume. 

And the last thing in my bag are some tic tacs. These come everywhere with me as i love them so much! These ones are just in the fresh mint flavour. 

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into what i carry with me in my bag. Don’t forget to go check out Phoebe’s post, I’m sure it will be amazing! 

I hope you have a lovely day! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


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