Top 5 Soap And Glory products

 Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about my Top 5 Soap&Glory products. Soap&Glory is my all time favourite beauty brand so picking a top 5 was rather difficult as I love all of their products! But i managed to whittle it down so i think we shall begin. 

My first favourite is the iconic ‘ Righteous butter’. I can’t describe how much I ove this product! It is so moisturizing and it dries really quickly. It has the most amazing scent (the iconic S&G scent if you are familiar with that) but this is just perfection in a tub! The one in the image above is the mini version which is perfect for travelling but i also own the larger tub which i haven’t started yet. The large tub retails at £10 but it’s definitely worth it! 

   My next favourite is the ‘Calm one, calm all’ bubble bath. I only purchased this a couple of weeks ago but i absolutely ove it! It creates the most amazing bubbles in the bath and has a really nice scent to it. It smells like the iconic Soap&Glory scent in the bottle but once it hits the water it smells really floral and lovely! I love this! I believe it retails at £6. 

  Next up is a product from the ‘orangeasm’ range. This is the super tonic body spray. Now this smells exactly like oranges so if you’re not a fan of that strong citrus scent you won’t like this. But i personally love it! It smells incredible and lingers on the skin for a few hours this retails for £12 but i got mine in a set in thg January sales. 

  The ‘foam call’ body wash is another favourite of mine. Ths has such a lovely fruity/floral scent and it makes my skin really soft after i use it. I also love the packaging! All S&G products have the cutest packaging, wouldn’t you agree?

 My last favourite is ‘Hand food’. This is a really nice hand cream that leaves my hands feeling really soft and moisturized. Again this has that iconic Soap&Glory scent which i adore! This retails for £5. 

That’s it for my Soap&Glory favourites post. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what is your favourite S&G product. 

I hope you are all doing well and i’ll talk to you next time. 


13 thoughts on “Top 5 Soap And Glory products

  1. Favorite brand! Thank you for posting. I wish that they didn’t take it out of Sephora in the US 😦 But my fave is the Hand Food and anything with that scent. Have you tried their makeup?

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